Security Technology
We believe proactive protection and situational awareness are important keys to meeting our client needs in an ever changing world.”

Security Technology

Advanced Technology Usage

Utilizing the latest state of the art Global Positioning Satelite (GPS) technology coupled with an intelligence database, we can provide our clients with a multitude of administration, dispatch and client features. These specialized features enable all of our clients to save time and money, while improving operational control and substantially reducing potential liabilities.

This system creates an environment wherein our agency can function more efficently while increasing officer safety. Our operating system stores critical intelligence information in our database, allowing us to quickly access vital reporting. The system also stores criminal activity, gang activity, and all incidents that happen on our client’s properties.

Our command staff or a dispatcher can watch employees in real time. This allows them to verify their movements and ensure they are going to the locations specified in their patrol route or verify that an officer is touring the property as instructed.

Clients can access sophisticated management reports instantly from anywhere in the world with a computer that is online or from a smart phone, and view any of these reports with just their username and password. Reports can include GPS map verification of officers patrol tours and location visits, to detailed maintenance reports that show actual pictures of the maintenance issue along with a satellite map of the location where the issue exists. These features allow our clients to be actively involved in what is happening at their properties on a daily basis.