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Enhanced critical training is the foundation on which we have built our reputation for professional development, assessment, and certifications.”

Interactive Simulator Training

We understand private security professionals face ever changing times and challenges. When it comes to training private security officers, what once was “Use of Force Training” has now become “Response to Resistance Training”. From verbal conflicts to deadly force, the “response” is what officers are judged on by society. Addressing response issues better prepare officers for the best possible outcome. By utilizing industry leading simulation technology, we can ensure the best trainee experience possible. This powerful and effective new training experience takes it to the next level of execellence for our employees, other security or law enforcement personnel, and for private citizens.

Our Training Simulator provides a wide range of force options from TASER™, Baton, OC Spray or commonly used firearms; all are at our disposal. The system also offers low-light simulation that can be used in conjunction with the training scenarios and the weapon systems.

Interactive simulations are developed with an eye toward learning objectives and a high degree of realism. These highly effective educational scenarios challenge the trainee’s decision-making ability and help develop life-saving skills. Visually, these scenarios incorporate realistic gunfire, explosions, and bodily injury. All the extra attention to detail serves one goal - prepare the trainee to be highly effective in life and death situations.

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Start with SABRE™ OC Certification

Why enroll?
Pepper spray – particularly SABRE™ Red1 is the safest means of force for both officers and subjects, as opposed to empty-hand control techniques, baton, conducted energy weapons, and lateral vascular neck restraint.

This course will:

  • Educate officers in proper application of SABRE™ OC products so that they can use materials effectively, safely, and humanely.
  • Course will cover proper aim, holstering, transporting and positioning, inert training, hydraulic needle, spray patterns, formulations, decontamination, when to use OC spray and more.

Course Restrictions and Policies

Identity Verification Policies:

  1. Students must have a current state issued photo ID.
  2. Students must provide your full legal name: last, first, and middle.
  3. Students must provide the address where you currently live, including street name and number apartment number (if applicable), City, State, and Zip Code.

Safety Polices:

  1. No alcoholic beverages are permitted at the Firearms/Training Facility during hours of operation. Persons impaired to any degree by alcohol or any other substance will not carry, handle, or fire any firearm.
  2. The Range Safety Officer or any Firearms Instructor will take the firearm(s) from any suspected impaired person and secure it. The incident will be immediately reported to the Training Unit Supervisor.
  3. Persons believed, by the Range Safety Officer or a Firearms Instructor, to be ill or mentally distracted to the point of being a safety concern or a disruption to on-going training will be instructed to leave the facility.
  4. Any person ordered to leave the facility by the Range Safety Officer, or any Firearms Instructor shall leave immediately.
  5. Live ammo will not be brought into the classroom for any reason.

Refund / Cancellation Policies:

NO REFUNDS! Students who fail to attend will receive credit toward a future course.

Privacy & Student Records:

Generally, we do not disclose to anyone personal information about our students or former students. However, to the extent permitted by law and any applicable state Code of Professional Conduct, certain non-public information about you may be disclosed in the following situations: To comply with a validly issued and enforceable subpoena or summons.

Videotaping, filming, or photographing students is prohibited while participating in training activities as it may constitute a disruption in the planned instructional, as well as violate privacy laws which protect the privacy of students.

Training Certification Registration

To register for an upcoming training course, download and complete our Course Registration form. Please sign, date and return your Course Registration by Email: or FAX: 480-683-3586.

Call us at: 843-903-1014 for dates of upcoming classes prior to submitting payment and course registration.

Payment Online

As an option you may use PayPal to submit your payment for certification training. Please remember to Email us your Course Registration form.

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